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Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stones 001

Hot Stone Massage is a body massage carried out by using pre-heated riverbed-washed basalt stones, combined with the placement of warm stones to the body.

The stones used are basalt.  They are riverbed-washed, thereby ensuring that they are smooth with no unpleasant sharp or jagged edges.  Basalt is volcanic and iron-rich.  It absorbs heat easily and upon use in the massage the heat is released into the skin and muscles in a controlled, even manner.  Natural basalt varies in colour from grey to charcoal to greyish-green.

Heat from the stones penetrates deeply into muscle tissue and allows the muscles to relax 4-5 times more quickly than can be achieved by a standard body massage alone.  Increased blood flow eases muscular tension and revitalises muscle tissue.  Oxygen levels in the area are raised and cell metabolism is improved by 10-15%.

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

  • Muscular aches and pains from tired, overworked muscles and/or posture-related problems are eased and soothed because the heat enables both superficial and deep muscle tissue to be worked on without any discomfort.
  • Body systems work together more effectively because the heat in conjunction with massage provides enhanced physiological benefits such as increased circulation, cell metabolism and stimulation of the lymphatic system.
  • The heat provides a meditative and calm state and deep relaxation wherein stress and stress related problems may be eased and dealt with more effectively.
Back, neck & shoulder massage: £24.20                                                           

Hot Stones 005

Upper back, neck and shoulder massage: £22.20

Back, neck, shoulder and backs of legs: £26.20   

Back, neck, shoulder and arms: £25.20

Legs Only: £24.20

Hot Stone Massage Deluxe: Add scalp massage for £6.00


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